Meal Applications

Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications

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Starting July 15, 2018 online applications will be available at

Please do not submit a paper application if an online application is submitted.

Helpful tips for applying online:

  1. Type Hawaii in Search for Distrtict, then "Hawaii Department of Education" will pop up.

  2. Step 1: Application Information - Entering phone number and email is recommended in case we need to contact you. For Benefit Type, if you are applying with SNAP or TANF, please refer to #7 below. If you are not, just leave it as None and go to Next.

    • If email address is entered for Application Information, a notification letter will be sent by mail. Please check your junk / spam mail tray also.

  3. Step 2: Child Household Members:

    • Student must be enrolled in a DOE school (excludes charter schools) for an application to be processed.

    • Enter the student legal names. Entering birthdates is recommended to help system to match.

    • For non-DOE (charter, private, or college) students, click "No" for Student.

  4. Step 3: Adult Household Members:

    • For each adult with income, enter (a) Gross earning (before taxes or deductions), and (b) how often the amount entered is received

    • For adult without income, just click on Save after entering First Name, (middle initial) and Last Name.

  5. Step 4: Child Income

    • If applicable, enter the total income of all Child Household. If child has no income, leave STEP 4 blank and go to Next.

  6. The electronic signature must be that of an adult in the household.

  7. If applying with SNAP or TANF case number:

    • Select SNAP or TANF in STEP 1: Application Information, under Benefit Type, and enter authorized case number.

    • After listing the student(s) in STEP 2: Child Household Members, the application will skip to Step 5: Electronic Signature. Adult must sign

  8. A confirmation number appears when the application is submitted. Write down this number for future reference.

  9. Once the application is processed (up to 10 working days), the notification letter will be sent home either by email or school.

Revised 6/7/2018


ezSchoolPay is also available! Go to to install an app.

With ezSchoolPay, you can:

  • Make online payments - there is a minimal fee when making online payments

  • Monitor account balances (set low balance alerts) and

  • Monitor student's buying history

  • There is not cost to set up, monitor student's account.